Healthcare & Alzheimer’s Tracking

An estimated 4.5 to 5 million Americans have Alzheimer´s, more than double since 1980.
1 in 10 Americans say they have a family member with Alzheimer´s, and 1 in 3 know someone with the disease.

  • Track Whats Important real time GPS devices have become a necessary tool for in-home caregivers, nursing homes,
    and children of Alzheimer's patients. Without a GPS tracking device for the patient with Alzheimer's the chances of
    finding a wandering patient or loved one quickly is very
  • Many caregivers hope to have their loved ones continue with everyday activities such as driving to the store or running errands. By having one of our GPS devices attached to the car or patient, the spouse or caregiver can be assured that the driver gets to the right locations and back home safely.
  • With the rising cost of nursing home care for an Alzheimer patient, it is necessary to care for the patient at home as long as possible. The use of one of our GPS devices will help the patient to stay in the comfort of their home, with their loved ones longer