No Risk, No Worry

Should a customer be unsatisfied with the Track Whats Important, Inc. GPS tracking service during the first 30 days of GPS tracking service, Track Whats Important, Inc. will refund the cost of the GPS tracking units and any GPS tracking service payments yet to be utilized. Refund will be paid upon return of undamaged GPS tracking units.

Track Whats Important, Inc. requires that GPS tracking customers speak with a GPS tracking customer service representative prior to requesting a refund for GPS tracking units and GPS tracking service to ensure customers are properly using the GPS tracking device(s) and GPS tracking service. This warranty is applicable for orders of 10 units or less. Larger orders are eligible for the standard 1-year replacement warranty should products be found defective.

Questions regarding this satisfaction guarantee policy should be directed to Track Whats Important's GPS tracking customer service at 1-888-714-6657.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

At Track Whats Important, nothing is more important than your satisfaction with our GPS tracking system. For many fleet owners and managers, the idea of spending capital funds on GPS tracking in a tough market is difficult. So, to illustrate our extreme confidence that you will be satisfied with our GPS tracking service, we are offering fleet managers and fleet owners looking to add GPS tracking to their vehicles the assurance that they will receive the type of GPS tracking service and value they are looking for from their GPS tracking system.

If you have any questions as to how our GPS tracking satisfaction guarantee or our GPS tracking services work, please call the Track Whats Important's customer service at 1-888-714-5302.