Complete GPS Tracking

No Contracts - EVER!

Low monthly monitoring

60 day money back guarantee

OBD II, installed, and portable devices

Multiple standard and custom reports

Unlimited geo fences

Email and text alerts

Google maps with speed limits, weather, and traffic

Vehicle service and maintenance alerts

ELD/ELOGS mandate

IFTA reports

Free system training

Vehicle/Fleet Tracking

  • Lower fuel costs and vehicle wear
  • Eliminate vehicles being used for personal use
  • Suspicious activity and monitor idling

Construction / Industry Tracking

  • Track all items of value for security reasons
  • Know at all times where your valuables are

Shipment & Assets Tracking

  • Customers/vendors  can track their shipments  
  • Track stolen loads
  • Track & prevent construction theft & unauthorized use

Professional Tracking

  • Infidelity-location of spouse
  • Workers comp. Fraud
  • A private investigator must 

Children & Teens Tracking

  • Eliminate dangerous teen driving
  • Virtual boundaries with text/email notification
  • Know where your child is at all times 

Healthcare & Alzheimer’s

  • Find loved ones fast
  • Family members can see where loved ones are at all times anywhere in the country.
  • SOS button if loved one is in danger

Call 651-775-0862 for the lowest price
on device and monthly service.
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