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We Help You Track What Is Important In Your Life



  • Lower fuel costs and
    vehicle wear
  • Eliminate vehicles being
    used for personal use
  • Suspicious activity and
    monitor idling
  • Infidelity-location of spouse
  • Workers comp. Fraud
  • A private investigator must
  • Eliminate dangerous teen
  • Virtual boundaries with
    text/email notification
  • Know where your child
    is at all times


  • Find loved ones fast
  • Family members can see where loved ones are at all times anywhere in the country.
  • SOS button if loved one is in danger
  • Customers/vendors  can track their shipments  
  • Track stolen loads
  • Track & prevent construction
    theft & unauthorized use
  • Track all items of value for security reasons
  • Know at all times where your valuables are
  • Animal owners can track their pets for safety and security reasons.
  • Track for Safety and Security
  • SOS button in times of need to alert family by text
  • Challenge self with improving time, distance or route

Call 888-714-5302 of 651-204-6657 for the lowest price on device and monthly service.
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